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Pure Water Group organizes her activities through two independent divisions.
Both divisions, each with their own specific focus, are active within the field of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water systems and strengthen each other through the synergy of knowledge and experience.

Pure Water Technologies bv

The technologies division has specialized in the assembly and delivery of components based onElectro Deionization (EDI) for a wide range of applications. Pure Water Group's European office, based in the Netherlands, delivers only to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Extensive commercial and technical client support and training, also on location, finalize the most important part of our daily activities.
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Pure Water Systems bv

The systems division focuses on the in-house development, manufacturing, delivery and installment of turn-keyHigh Purity & Ultra Pure Water installations in the high end segment of every conceivable combination of capacity and product water quality for haemodialysis, pharmaceutical, power stations, the process industry and other industrial applications.
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