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Purified Water, Highly Purified Water and Water For Injection


pharmaceutical production water has to meet strict quality specifications. For the production of water a range of specific filtration techniques needs to be applied. As Pure Water Group we develop, manufacture, install and maintain systems according the actual guidelines of the:

-  EP (European Pharmacopoeia);
-  USP (United States Pharmacopeia).

Water quality specifications

Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI) are registered specifications according the EP and USP, differing in a few important details. With the publication of the fourth edition of the EP in 2002: Highly Purified Water (HPW) was introduced. HPW is applied in the production of medicinal products which sets high standards to be met in the field of microbiology, but where WFI is not mandatory. The following table represents the main differences between PW, HPW and WFI in relation to the European pharmacopoeia and the United States pharmacopoeia:

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