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People suffering from a chronic or acute kidney-insufficiency need to have their blood cleansed by means of an artificial kidney (haemodialysis). During this process, an exchange of substances takes place between blood and (extra) purified water, through diffusion, osmosis and filtration. Depending on the treatment, the water has to meet specificguidelines.
Water quality as a matter of life and death

Contamination of the (extra) pure water immediately causes consequences -like inflammatory syndrome and hypertension- for the kidney patient. Due to the duration of the treatment, the potential contact time with an (an)organic contamination is considerable. For haemodialysis the water quality is quite literally a matter of life and death. For instance, the maximum quantity of pyrogens a patient is allowed to be exposed to via intravenous route is 5,0 IU endotoxines per kg bodyweight per hour, based on the maximum amount allowed to be administered per 24 hours. With the application of high-flux artificial kidneys- in which back filtration can occur-it is also advised to lower the maximum value for pyrogens from 0,25 IU/ml to < 0,025 IU/ml. From a medical point of view there is already a need to tighten these values. But we are still waiting for a reliable measuring method to be able to define values lower then 0,025 IU/ml.


How does dialysis work? Watch this video.


Night and 24 hour dialysis

Besides undisputed quality, a present-day haemodialysis installation needs to be in possession of facilities to prevent a stagnation, especially now that dialysiscentra are expanding there services with night and 24 hour dialysis. Pure Water Group is already in possession of references for installations suitable to offer 24 hour per day dialysis, and which allow for maintenance during the business hours.

More information

To be able to guarantee the highest quality for longer periods, a high quality water treatment installation is required. Pure Water Group delivers complete systems for haemodialysis which already meet the demand for extra purified water (< 0,1 kve/ml and0 0,025 IU/ml), which save on water and electricity and which are provided with energy saving pumps (in the EU compulsory per 2013). If you are interested, please don't hesitate tocontact us.

Reference projects

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