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Concentrating Solar Power plants convert the sun’s energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. The heat is then channeled through a conventional steam generator that produces green electricity.

Boiler Makeup Water needed for steam production in existing power plants is typically produced by traditional water treatment systems that rely on chemically regenerated ion exchange resins to remove dissolved solids.
Regeneration chemicals are costly, hazardous and environment unfriendly.

Continuous Electro Deionization technology is the most advanced generation of Ion Exchange technology and fits perfectly into a green production facility. The technology has the following features:

Summary CEDI advantages:

- Continuous process, produces a constant water quality
- No preventive maintenance
- Low operating cost, electricity only
- Ideal for remote locations where delivery of chemicals is not economic
- System recovery up to 99%
- The reject water can be re-used


Pure Water Group has erected customized CEDI systems for several CSP plants in Spain already: Astexol II, Manchasol 1 & 2, Guzman, Puerto Errado 2 and Centennial (Arizona, USA) which all operate to full client's satisfaction.