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Pure Water Group supplies a standard series of ready-to-run CEDI systems in every capacity and for every application, including industrial systems for the process industry and the energy sector and sanitary and validated systems for the pharmaceutical industry.


As international Ionpure Master Service Provider and leading specialist in the field of CEDI, Pure Water Group supplies standard high capacity CEDI modules for industrial process water, medium capacity for general industry and critical applications such as pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industry and small modules with extreme low flow for lab applications. Specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and Haemodialysis, hot water sanitizable modules are available.

High product quality

Pure Water Group distributes CEDI-products from the US based manufacturer Ionpure, part of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC and worldmarketleader in the field of CEDI-technology. As a result you can be sure of modules and systems of the very highest quality. Obviously, all modules and systems meet the international standards and guidelines, valid for the intended use. To meet the user requirements, Pure Water Group supplies systems with the specified and certified materials.


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