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High capacity modules


- VNX30-CDIT: Compatible with the highest value feed water specifications     known in the EDI market. This module is typical implemented downstream     one-pass RO only. Feed water Conductivity up to 100 microS/cm, Total     hardness up to 4ppm as CaCO3 and Silica, SiO2 up to 2 mg/l;
- VNX50: standard Ionpure modules (only manufacturer of high capacity     modules);
- VNX50-E andVNX50-EX: with a guaranteed product water quality >17,5     MOhm.cm. These modules are ideally for the implementation in Ultra Pure     Water systems. The modules are optimized for an (ultra)high percentage     recovery for maximum water saving and also designed for loop applications.
- VNX50-HH: 'high hardness tolerance' modules, compatible with a feedwater     hardness up to 2ppm as CaCO3.

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