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High Purity & Ultra Pure Water systems

Water qualities

Pure Water Group delivers components and systems in the high end segment for production of the most diverse water qualities, such as:
-  Water for Haemodialysis
-  Purified Water, Highly Purified Water and Water For Injection
-  Laboratory grade water
-  Electronics grade water
-  Boiler feedwater
-  Demineralized process water

The specifications applied are international norms and guidelines, based on applicable laws and regulations. To meet the user requirements, Pure Water Group supplies systems with the specified and certified materials.


To comply with the specified product water quality, Pure Water Group builds a water treatment train with a number of selected systems from the following technologies:
-  Softening and filtration
-  Reverse Osmosis
-  Continuous Electro Deionization
-  Ultrafiltration
-  Membrane Degassing
-  Hot water sanitization
-  Ultraviolet sanitization, TOC and THM reduction

Clearly Pure Water Group implements the latest technologies in her High Purity and Ultra Pure Water systems. Need to know more details, just have a look at our reference projects, or fill out thecontact form.

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