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From the very beginning Pure Water Systems bv, founded in 1998, had its focus on delivery and maintenance of its two main activities: High Purity & Ultra Pure Water systems and Electro Deionization (EDI)-technology.

In 2000 Pure Water Systems signed a distribution agreement for the European market with a Californian (USA) EDI-equipment supplier to be able to commercially utilize the available expertise in the field of EDI.

In 2004, to utilize the growth potential in the best way possible Pure Water Systems chose to start a cooperation with a promising and bigger American EDI-supplier, Ionpure. This turned out to be the right choice, Ionpure, now a part of Siemens, quickly developed into a world market leader in the field of EDI-technology. Thanks to the availability of the reliable industrial EDI-modules of Ionpure, the EDI-activities of Pure Water Systems grew exponentially. To better streamline the activities, a second company was founded which specialized in EDI only: Pure Water Technologies bv.

Although both companies operate independently on an administrative level, there is an overlap in activities and a maximum benefit of synergy and each others expertise. Since 2010 Pure Water Systems and Pure Water Technologies operate as autonomous divisions under one common name Pure Water Group. Any future new enterprises in the field of water treatment shall also be part of the Pure Water Group.

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