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Membrane degassing


Membrane degassing units make it possible to transfer gas from an aqueous stream without dispersion. The membrane contactor contain thousands of microporous polypropylene hollow fibers knitted into an array that is wound around a distribution tube. Because the hollow fiber membrane is hydrophobic, the aqueous stream will not penetrate the pores. The gas/liquid interface is immobilized at the pore by applying a higher pressure to the aqueous stream relative to the gas stream.

Although Membrane Contactors utilize a microporous membrane, the separation principle differs substantially from other membrane separations such as reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. With membrane contactors, there is no convective flow through the pores as occurs in other membrane separations. Instead, the membrane acts as an inert support that brings the liquid and gas phases in direct contact without dispersion. The mass transfer between the two phases is governed entirely by the pressure of the gas phase.