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Process industry

Semiconductor industry

In the present communication-era, it would be difficult to imagine a world without microchips. So it is a fact that the semi-conductor industry is one of the largest industrial sectors of the world. During the production of microchips, the quality of the process water plays a vital roll. Pure Water Group is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Ultra Pure Water systems applied in the semi-conductor industry and the micro-electronics branch. Our CEDI modulesVNX50-E andVNX50-EX are designed specifically for these applications and have no equal in today's market.

Chemistry and petrochemistry

In many processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry is a great need for pure water. For example for the NAM(1) facility, a state-of-the-art water treatment plant has been build that produces Ultra Pure Water from a municipal sewage water source.
The Ultra Pure Water is applied in the redevelopment of theoilfield in Schoonebeek – the largest onshore oilfield in North-western-Europe. Pure Water Group supplied the CEDI equipment for this plant, which is used as final purification process. The end result: Ultra Pure Water with a conductivity of < 0,1 microS/cm. This Ultra Pure Water is subsequently converted into steam for use in two applications: the powering of a steam turbine for the production of electricity and for steam injection into the oilfield to increase the liquidity of the oil.

Universities and laboratories

Pure H2O is essential for a number of laboratory activities. Pure Water Group supplies advanced central systems for the production of Ultra Pure Water and also for point-of-use filtration. Whether the result is extremely low conductivity water for HPLC application or reduction of endotoxin for life science applications: Pure Water Group guarantees a high quality solution.

Other industries

Many industrial processes require an uninterrupted supply of demineralized process water, usually with low conductivity and low concentrations of silicates and organic substances. This applies to small volumes as well as hundreds of tons per hour. Pure Water Group supplies environmental friendly RO-CEDI membrane systems for a cost-efficient production of Ultra Pure Water in any capacity.

Reference projects

For more detailed information take a look at ourreference projects.

(1) Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, property of Shell and Exxon Mobil.