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Ultraviolet sanitization, TOC and THM reduction


Micro-organisms present in process water can be destructed by ultraviolet (UV) light. By exposing the water to UV-radiation of 254 nm, the DNA of the micro-organisms is broken and becomes inactive. UV-radiation of 185 nm oxidizes organic substances including trihalomethanes (THM's). Other organic substances are weakly electrically charged so these can be removed usingCEDI. UV-radiation of 185 nm is also destructive for micro-organisms.


-  Micro-organisms are destructed or deactivated immediately, without exposure     time
-  Safe and environmentally friendly: no chemicals are needed so no chemical     waste.
-  Over dosage is impossible
-  Low investment and process costs
-  Simple installation and maintenance
-  Usable in combination with other water treatment techniques