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Water for Haemodialysis


For the production of water that is distributed to dialysis machines, a range of filtration techniques is applied. As Pure Water Group we develop, manufacture, install and maintain systems for haemodialysis and hemo(dia)filtration online according the actual guidelines of:
-  EP (European Pharmacopoeia);
-  Kwaliteitsrichtlijn Nederlandse Federatie voor Nefrologie (NFN –    watercommissie);
-  EDTNA/ERCA (European Dialysis & Transplant Nurses Association / European    Renal Care Association);
-  ERA-EDTA (European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant    Association): European Best Practice Guidelines for Haemodialysis: IV Dialysis    fluid purity;
-  AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation):    Haemodialysis Systems Standard;
-  DGS/DH/AFSSAPS Circulaire No 311: relative aux spécifications techniques et    à la sécurité sanitaire de la pratique de l'hémofiltration et de l'hémodiafiltration    en ligne dans les établissements de santé ;
-  SLS (Svensk läkemedelsstandard): Tillverkning och hantering av    hemodialysvätskor och hemofiltrationsvätskor inon sjukvården.

Pure Water Group supplies a whole range of water purification systems, from single patient units for intensive care or home dialysis to the most advanced central purification plants. Besides these plants the following components and equipment are also supplied:
-  Distribution piping of PE-Xa, SST316L and PVDF;
-  Media panels;
-  Central concentrate supplies;

Obviously the plant is handend over as turn-key. Justcontact us for an appointment.

How does dialysis work? Watch the video.