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Pure Water Group stands for quality, reliability and responsive customer support since decades.

Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of advanced and sustainable water purification equipment and highly specialized in environmentally friendly technologies such as; Electro Deionization (EDI), Membrane Degassing (MD) and Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR).

EDI, MD and EDR based equipment and modules are distributed worldwide and implemented in key process water purification applications. In addition, High Purity and Ultra Pure Water equipment is manufactured for semiconductor-, pharmaceutical- and hemodialysis applications.


Pure Water Group cooperates internationally with Water System Integrators, or so-called OEMs, that fully rely on our expertise, extensive experience and dedicated technical and commercial support.

Pure Water Group means engineering purity for sustainable water purification solutions.

Master service partner

Since 2004 Pure Water Group is Master Service Provider of Ionpure / Evoqua, this means we are qualified to:


  • Design and manufacture systems based on Ionpure products
  • Maintain inventory and distribute Ionpure products to Water System Integrators
  • Provide qualified training on Ionpure product line to Water System Integrators
  • Provide maintenance and service on Ionpure product related systems in support of Water System Integrators

Experience, expertise and attention

We believe there are only a few companies in the world to rival what we do.

Thanks to our extensive experience in water treatment solutions for a wide range of applications, we developed essential insights into the EDI, MD and EDR technologies and how they meet specific requirements ‘in the field’. This is reflected in the quality of technical/commercial support, training, service and documentation we provide.

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