Modules and Parts

For our customers a short delivery time is usually a vital factor when they are in need of (replacement) modules and parts. It is our policy to maintain a significant but economical stock, so that shipping can take place on demand.

Rapid transport links
Our manufacturing base and European warehouse are strategically located in The Netherlands, in between the major ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. For air shipment both Amsterdam or Brussels airport are near enabling fast and easy distribution to all continents.

Comprehensive support
In addition to the supply of components, the customers can rely on our expertise and experience which results in a dedicated technical and commercial support.

An International Master Service Provider
Pure Water Group is an International Master Service Provider of Ionpure (Evoqua) – the world market leader in the field of Electro Deionization (EDI) and Electro Dialysis (ED) modules.

For all Ionpure modules and accessories Pure Water Group is authorized to:

  • Supply modules and components to trained OEMs
  • Provide professional training to OEMs and end-users
  • Provide support and maintenance to OEMs and end users
  • Design and develop systems based EDI and ED(R) systems

Experience, expertise and attention

We believe there are only a few companies in the world to rival what we do.

Thanks to our extensive experience in water treatment solutions for a wide range of applications, we developed essential insights into the EDI, MD and EDR technologies and how they meet specific requirements ‘in the field’. This is reflected in the quality of technical/commercial support, training, service and documentation we provide.

So why not contact us? Our advice is free!

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