Great start to 2024 at Pure Water Group!

Pure Water Group’s engineering, manufacturing and testing facilities are buzzing with activity as the year kicks off positively with the design and production of several Ultrapure and High Purity water systems for a diverse range of projects and applications worldwide.

Already manufactured and satisfactorily tested are two 4 m3/h Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) systems for a hydrogen production project in Germany and a 2 m3/h CEDI system for a power generation project in Spain. These systems are prepared and packaged for shipment to site.

Currently in the production and testing phase are two Membrane Degassing (MD) systems paired with two CEDI systems, providing a combined Ultrapure water capacity of 120 m3/h for an industrial process water project in the Netherlands. Simultaneously, a 1,5 m3/h CEDI system is in production for a project in Great Britain. Preparations are also underway for a project in France, with two 47,5 m3/h CEDI systems being designed.

Excitingly, orders have been received for the supply of two 117 m3/h CEDI systems for a project in Portugal. Additionally, two 40 m3/h and two 2 m3/h CEDI systems are in order for different projects in Spain. And furthermore, there’s an order for the realization and implementation of a turn-key water purification installation for a dialysis department in the Netherlands. 

Building on our extensive experience in designing and supporting water treatment systems for various projects and applications around the world, we have gained essential insights into innovative technologies and how they best suit your specific requirements!

Pure Water Group: Engineering Purity

The Pure Water Group brings together over 25 years of applied knowledge and all-round experience with advanced and sustainable electrochemical separation solutions for pure and clean water production. The latest enhanced performance of the Evoqua modules continue the Pure Water Group tradition to pursue improvements and retain leadership in water purification technology.