Working to an extremely tight schedule, Pure Water Group has supplied high capacity Continuous Electro Deionization systems for two major power plant projects in Egypt.

The power plants at Assiut (central Egypt) and Damietta, in the north, are engaged in an emergency construction plan to overcome summertime power shortages. CEDI systems are required with a capacity of 4x 100 m3/h (Assiut) and 3x 75 m3/h (Damietta).

Pure Water Group was invited in late December 2014 to bid to supply the systems in time for installation and commissioning before the end of April 2015. With the reputation and proven experience to handle fast track projects, our Taskforce Team drew up a tight execution manufacturing schedule to meet the short timescale and we were successful in winning both contracts.

Due to the very stringent product water specification imposed, guaranteeing extremely low sodium, chloride and silica concentration, Evoqua’s Ionpure VNX55-EP modules were implemented. These CEDI modules were specifically developed for high purity applications in power generation and microelectronics. Very close support from Evoqua ensured the modules were manufactured and shipped on schedule.

As planned, both CEDI systems have now been fully wet tested and airfreighted to Cairo for installation at Assiut and Damietta.

Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water equipment and highly specialized in the Continuous Electro Deionization technology. As Ionpure ‘Master Service Provider’ we distribute modules and systems from our European warehouse to water system integrators across the world.
The equipment is implemented in the process and power industry, the pharmaceutical industry and at hemodialysis centers. The branch and product knowledge enable us to guarantee qualitative high-end solutions which meet customer’s expectations on every level.

The Pure Water Group brings together over 25 years of applied knowledge and all-round experience with advanced and sustainable electrochemical separation solutions for pure and clean water production. The latest enhanced performance of the Evoqua modules continue the Pure Water Group tradition to pursue improvements and retain leadership in water purification technology.