Nice and busy workshop at Pure Water Group!

We started the year well at Pure Water Group with the design and production of several Ultrapure and High Purity water systems for various projects around the world. 

The production includes among others two 14 m3/h Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) systems for a sugar factory project in Tanzania and a 1 m3/h CEDI system for H2 production in Denmark. Simultaneously two Purified Water (PW) systems are being produced and a Renal system is being tested for Dutch hospital projects. And a 500 l/h CEDI system has been produced, satisfactorily tested and shipped to Belgium for a hospital laboratory project.

Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and supporting water treatment projects for a wide range of applications, we have developed essential insights into water treatment technologies and how they best suit your requirements! 

Pure Water Group: Engineering Purity

The Pure Water Group brings together over 25 years of applied knowledge and all-round experience with advanced and sustainable electrochemical separation solutions for pure and clean water production. The latest enhanced performance of the Evoqua modules continue the Pure Water Group tradition to pursue improvements and retain leadership in water purification technology.