AquaBattery is delighted to announce the strategic partnership with Pure Water Group and REDstack. REDstack has over a decade of experience in developing quality stacks for RED and ED processes, and Pure Water Group is specialised in designing and creating outstanding process equipment for membrane stacks. We share a common goal in accelerating the energy transition through the use of water technologies.
The primary goal of this strategic collaboration is to optimise, modularise and scaling up of AquaBattery’s energy storage technology, as well as establishing a part of the supply chain for a quality and cost-effective power module of the AquaBattery. Each partner contributing exceptional expertise and experience in their own field. This collaboration is one entered with enthusiasm, skill and energy on all levels moving forward and away from the use of fossil fuels.

AquaBattery was founded in 2014 with a vision to revolutionise the long-during energy storage market by offering their flagship flow battery technology that stores energy in table salt and water. It is a 100% sustainable, inherently safe and low-cost at scale battery whereby power and storage capacity of the battery can be adjusted independently from one and another. AquaBattery’s mission is to provide access to renewable energy for everyone at all times through sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable energy storage. After having successfully completed two installations, one in the Netherlands and another one in Italy, the team is now finalising a modular battery design, further optimising the process, and setting up a solid supply chain with our strategic partners.

Dr. Jiajun Cen, CEO and founder of AquaBattery: “At AquaBattery we aim to revolutionise the energy storage market, cutting energy bills and fostering the development of renewable energy technologies. This exciting strategic partnership will speed up the development, optimisation and production of our battery.”

Pure Water Group founded in 1998 specialises in designing and manufacturing process equipment for membrane stacks used to make pure water. Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of advanced and sustainable water purification equipment and highly specialized in environmentally friendly technologies such as Electro Deionization (EDI), Membrane Degassing (MD) and Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR).
REDstack founded in 2005 has developed the RED technology for generating sustainable energy and is specialised in designing and manufacturing the required membrane stacks. REDstack originates as a spin-off company from the water technology institute Wetsus that started the theme ‘Blue Energy’ with the aim of generating energy from fresh and saltwater.

Ir. Pieter Hack, REDstack’s Chairman and Pure Water Group’s Managing Director: “The recently established synergy between REDstack and Pure Water Group combined with the collaboration with AquaBattery creates a strategic partnership that enables us to optimize the energy storage technology and to supply and support scaled-up equipment to accelerate the energy transition through the use of electrochemical water technologies.”

The Pure Water Group brings together over 25 years of applied knowledge and all-round experience with advanced and sustainable electrochemical separation solutions for pure and clean water production. The latest enhanced performance of the Evoqua modules continue the Pure Water Group tradition to pursue improvements and retain leadership in water purification technology.