Ready-to-Run EDI

When we say ‘Ready-to-Run EDI’ we really mean it. The responsibility for successful implementation rests with us – not the customer.

Pure Water Group provides all-round support for Ready-to-Run equipment, including testing, commissioning and hand-over. This ensures that customers experience the smoothest possible transition from ordering to operating.

Our EDI modules are compatible with every brand of Reverse Osmosis system. Together with standard plug-and-play design, this means they can be connected quickly and easily downstream of any new or existing RO plant.

You can always rely on the fact that all of our pre-engineered EDI equipment is thoroughly wet-tested in the workshop according standard FAT procedures.

Model VNX-Max

The VNX units are designed and manufactured to further purify reverse osmosis product water to ultra pure or high purity water (0,055 – 0,5 μS/cm). The multiple module ‘Ready-to-Run’ units are available in the range from 15 m3/h to 180 m3/h. The VNX units are rugged, pre-engineered, pre-assembled units that minimize installation and start-up costs. The units are factory pressure tested and require single point utility connections.

Their outstanding design and use of Ionpure’s® patented continuous electrodeionization technology ensures high reliability, minimizes maintenance and eliminates use of regeneration chemicals.

Experience, expertise and attention

We believe there are only a few companies in the world to rival what we do.

Thanks to our extensive experience in EDI solutions for power, pharmaceuticals, hemodialysis, petrochemicals and microelectronics applications, we developed essential insights into the technology and how it meets specific requirements ‘in the field’. This is reflected in the quality of training, service and validation we provide. So why not contact us? Our advice is free!