Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of advanced and sustainable water purification equipment based on technologies such as Electro Deionization (EDI), Membrane Degassing (MD) and Electro Dialysis Reversal (EDR). Our clients utilize our solutions for the production of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water as well as the treatment and recovery of challenging water sources.

Pure Water Group cooperate internationally with Water System Integrators or so-called OEM’s that fully rely on our expertise, extensive experience and dedicated technical and commercial support. At Pure Water Group we continuously strive to improve our commitment and attention to our valued customers worldwide.

To reinforce our international services, Pure Water Group has recently established two new entities. In addition to the head office in the Netherlands, we are now also at your disposal from Spain and the United Kingdom.
This expansion enhances our resources and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a consistently high level of customer support and attention.

Pure Water Group HQ, The Netherlands

Pure Water Technologies bv
Mr. Johan Ossenblok
Managing Director


Pure Water Systems bv
Mr. Jerry Hager
Business Unit Manager



United Kingdom

Pure Water Technologies S.L.
Ms. Amaia De Ugarte Iturbe
Sales Engineer


Pure Water Technologies Ltd.
Mr. Phil Bayley
Senior Sales Engineer


The Pure Water Group brings together over 25 years of applied knowledge and all-round experience with advanced and sustainable electrochemical separation solutions for pure and clean water production. The latest enhanced performance of the Evoqua modules continue the Pure Water Group tradition to pursue improvements and retain leadership in water purification technology.