Pure Water Group is well known as one of the world’s leading companies for high capacity Electrodeionization (EDI) systems. Most industrial systems that are delivered over the last decades have a capacity typically in the range of 20-600m3/h. However the number of projects in need of lower capacity EDI systems with standard single module design has also been increased dramatically for years.


The application

Thinking about a typical application for lower capacity EDI systems, Johan Ossenblok, General Manager at Pure Water Group commented: “For example, last year two standard EDIpure systems with a capacity of just 8m3/h were successfully delivered to the Oman Water Treatment Company (OWATCO). They installed these systems at the site of their national oil company PDO. ”



“OWATCO engineers appreciated the ease of installation of our EDIpure systems a lot. The standard plug-and-play design makes these swiftly to connect downstream to any brand of Reverse Osmosis system. As all our EDI equipment is wet tested in the workshop according standard FAT procedures and shipped including extensive documentation and certificates, the commissioning and hand-over to the end-user proceeded extremely smooth.”


To be continued

“Because the OEM customer appreciated our cooperation and the high quality grade of our EDI equipment, OWATCO recently ordered another three comparable EDIpure systems for two different projects in Oman”, Johan concluded. “Two systems will be used to continuously guarantee a high purity water quality as an essential need for the a forensic research laboratory. The other one will be used at an energy plant for the production of steam in high pressure boilers.”

At energy plants ultrapure water increases the durability and efficiency of the high pressure boilers and ensures less maintenance.

Knowing these are just sample projects, low capacity EDI systems of Pure Water Group are used in numerous different applications in many countries across the globe. Other low capacity EDI systems were recently delivered to Argentina, Spain and Turkey.

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